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Data Centre Design

The energy consumption associated with data processing and storage currently accounts for two to three percent of the world’s total, and this figure is rapidly increasing. Data has become a fundamental component in nearly every industry, and its significance continues to grow with advancements like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Consequently, the demand for efficient, secure, and sustainable data centre solutions has expanded across various sectors, including IT, healthcare, finance, research and development, and higher education.  At BSE3D, we are dedicated to delivering efficient, secure, and sustainable data centre designs. Whether it’s small edge computing centres, enterprise facilities, or hyperscale campuses, we assist organizations of all sizes in developing modular and scalable solutions that prepare them for an uncertain future.

Expertise in Mission Critical Facilities

Many of our team of experts have dedicated their careers to the design, construction, and operation of mission critical facilities.  We have successfully designed numerous mission critical facilities for diverse public and private clients, both domestically and internationally. Our reputation is built on our ability to create highly technical buildings with advanced systems that meet the highest security standards. We implement robust security protocols and document controls to handle and safeguard sensitive materials, ensuring the integrity of security levels required for each project.

Emphasising Sustainability and Civic Responsibility

Our services extend beyond building services engineering. We offer comprehensive strategies bringing together expertise from other specialists in Architecture, Structural Engineering, IT and Big Data, including infrastructure that supports cybersecurity, energy management, and commissioning.  Our portfolio of mission critical facilities includes groundbreaking achievements, such as free cooling and heat recovery systems for middle eastern sites in remote locations to indirect adiabatic cooling with recycled water in European regions.  Recognising the increasing social impact of these facilities, we actively seek opportunities to integrate them into the economic and social fabric of communities.

‘BSE 3D’s latest projects have the lowest PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.1, but with recycled water, this makes them one of the most efficient and environmentally considerate data centres in the world’

Project Experience

Colt Data Centre, Welwyn Garden City, UK – A multi-storey building with 21No 1.5 MW data halls.

Data Centre, Slough, UK – Two separate 9MW data halls

QData Data Centre, Qatar

Virtus Data Centre, Slough, UK – The project included delivering 2,310m2 of IT space within a 12-month period to meet growing customer demand.

Quantum Switch Data Centre, Dammam.

Morgan Stanley Data Centre, Croydon, UK – Replacement of heat rejecting equipment, generators and chiller plant.

Cyrus One Data Centre, UK – Complete design and site supervision for the completion of 6MW halls.

Quantum Switch Data Centre, Kuwait.

Capital Land Data Centres, Croydon, UK.

Capital Land Data Centres, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

BSE3D were recommended to us by the former head of project management at Mace to advise us in relation to a number of areas relating to the Great Northern Hotel’s mechanical & electrical systems. Over a period of almost two years, BSE3D have helped us enormously through a combination of their vast technical knowledge and their ability to diplomatically drive forward our agenda without fear of upsetting the incumbent teams.

Chairman & Founder, RAM

Huge thanks and congratulations to BSE 3D on completing your recent cycle challenge. Most of you have been back already, and I hope you are starting to get over your jetlag and getting back to normality. It’s always a bit difficult settling into the swing of real life! I have had a report about the challenge from the local crew, whom spoke extremely highly of you all while on the challenge, so well done – you’ve also all done a phenomenal job raising funds for such a worthwhile cause!!!

Operations Manager, Charity Challenge

We have been delighted with the performance of BSE 3D. They were able to take our requirements, develop our brief and prepare a design all within a tight timeframe. They then tendered and managed the entire build process to budget. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Facilities Manager, Holiday Inn Express

Our company employ many consultants, to develop design specifications and act as Lead Designer. Over the last two years we have worked together on a new data centre design. On a project of this size there are always areas to be developed and I was particularly pleased with BSE 3D’s response to any issues that arose by providing solution options and making sure the results matched our requirements. BSE 3D produced the Test Specification document used to test the full infrastructure and during the busy commissioning and test phase they were in attendance to witness and sign-off the test documents which confirm the test results fully meet the design standards and test specification.

Senior Programme Manager, Colt Data Centres

QData QFZ LLC hired the services of BSE3D for the MEP Design, Consultation and Supervision works of two Data Centers at the Qatar Free Zones of located in Ras Bu Fontas (capacity of 6MW) and Um Al Haul (capacity of 4MW), both of which were customized to the End ?User’s requirements and were successfully delivered. In addition to this, both Data Centers applied for Uptime Institute Tier III Certifications for Design, Construction and Operation in which BSE3D was also involved.

Both projects were well designed, executed and delivered within the agreed time-frame despite many challenges locally and internationally. BSE3D were a key figure in assisting and supporting us as a client to overcome all obstacles, leading to the success of both projects. Their performance and technical support were critical.

We would recommend BSE3D for future projects, given their commitment and their expertise in dealing with regulations within Qatar and the GCC region in general.

QData / Doha Venture Capital LLC

We at Colt have worked with BSE3D many times over the years and have always had a brilliant experience with them. The BSE3D team always go above and beyond to ensure designs and projects run smoothly.

In particular as an example; their assistance over the last 3 years on a complicated Generator and switchboard sequencing project has been brilliant. This project was a challenge due to the Data Centre being fully populated and live with customer loads but key switchboard and generator works needed to be completed seamlessly. They created the in depth design brief which was of a very high standard that allowed the project to be completed smoothly with no issues whatsoever.

They are a great team to work with and all members of the team have a very high level of technical knowledge and all work to a very high standard too.

Colt Data Centre Services

BSE3D have been an unbelievable find for Quantum Switch their contribution to our growth and success in expanding market places coupled with their diligent well experienced certified Data Centre professional engineers has made this possible. What we value most about our relationship is the personal service and technical knowledge available when required. We would have no hesitation in recommending BSE3D Limited for any type of Data Centre projects as long as it’s not in competition.

Quantum Switch

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