At BSE 3D, we take great pride in our expertise in design and engineering consultancy, catering to both urban and natural landscapes across the UK and Ireland. With a dedicated office located in Birmingham, we extend our holistic engineering design solutions, energy and sustainability consultancy, and project management services to clients throughout the Midlands. Whether in Birmingham itself or neighbouring cities like Coventry and Wolverhampton, we are committed to delivering excellence in our consultancy offerings.

Our Services

Our experienced and highly skilled M&E consultants work closely with your team to offer professional system design across all buildings and outdoor spaces.

With expertise in both mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, we can coordinate solutions to match your building’s requirements.

HVAC systems are found in most UK workplaces and thanks to our experience working with hundreds of clients, we bring our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning expertise to your project.

Our energy consultants specialise in using zero-carbon technologies and passive design to provide low-energy and high-performance buildings and systems solutions to you.

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St. Paul’s Place, 40 St Paul’s Square, Birmingham, B3 1FQ

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About BSE 3D

We’re continually expanding our clientele base in Birmingham and encourage potential clients throughout the city to reach out for all their building services engineering, energy, and sustainability requirements.

At BSE 3D, we are committed to crafting sustainable building designs that elevate quality and enrich our experiences within them. Moreover, we are passionate about mitigating the environmental impact of buildings across Birmingham and within the Midlands.

Given that we spend a significant portion of our lives in buildings, whether during upbringing, education, or professional endeavours, the quality of our surroundings significantly influences our health, happiness, and productivity. Leveraging our extensive architectural design expertise gained over many years, we specialise in uncovering the potential of buildings.

Building Consulting Ireland Office

Our building services engineering in Birmingham is born from the specialist skills and innovative ideas inherent in building design, brought together to form a unified managed entity. Grounded in sustainability principles, we develop holistic design solutions.

Our mechanical engineering teams are tasked with creating and designing energy-efficient systems. Meanwhile, our electrical engineering experts contribute to M&E Engineering, electrical design, lighting, emergency lighting, and fire alarm systems. Furthermore, our public health specialists provide design expertise on hot and cold water systems, sewage pumps, rainwater harvesting, and greywater recycling.

Building Services Design for Multiple Sectors

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Our expert team of building services consultants are here to help. If you would like to learn more about the range of services we offer, please get in touch for an informal discussion about your needs and requirements.