BSE 3D provides a dynamic team of expert building and engineering consultants, offering comprehensive building services to our clients in London. We provide an extensive list of building services, from mechanical and electrical engineering consultants to expert witness reports and building information modelling.

Our Services

Our experienced and highly skilled M&E consultants work closely with your team to offer professional system design across all buildings and outdoor spaces.

With expertise in both mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, we can coordinate solutions to match your building’s requirements.

HVAC systems are found in most UK workplaces and thanks to our experience working with hundreds of clients, we bring our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning expertise to your project.

Our energy consultants specialise in using zero-carbon technologies and passive design to provide low-energy and high-performance buildings and systems solutions to you.

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Our Services

The specialist skills, essential experience and innovative ideas associated with the design of high quality buildings are all fundamental aspects of our single managed entity here at BSE 3D. We base our designs and solutions around sustainability principles for a high quality and co-ordinated service. We have groups of dedicated engineering specialists on board that contribute to high quality building designs. Here’s what we cover:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Public Health
  • Information Technology
  • Vertical Transportation
  • Integrated Controls Systems
  • Lighting

Energy and SustainabilityWe are fully committed to energy efficient, sustainable buildings using cost-effective approaches and the very latest innovative engineering designs. Practicality is a top priority of ours and we think ahead of the legislation to help clients achieve the most practical energy efficient and sustainable buildings. Our innovative designers are determined to reduce the impact of buildings on the environment through the reduction of carbon emissions. We offer:

  • Energy Consultancy Services
  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance
  • Sustainability Consultancy Services
  • Sustainable Energy Solutions
  • Strategic Advice

Our energy consultants work with our design team to create high performance, low energy buildings and systems and excel in offering passive design and energy efficiency strategies, including a complete and thorough analysis of building envelopes such as solar, thermal and light performance.

Building Information Modelling allows us to share essential information related to building designs with construction stake holders throughout the entire building lifecycle as well as the construction process. This significantly reduces the chances of miscommunication and translation errors. In addition, we aren’t restricted to just 3D modelling capabilities. We are also able to work out cost estimates, organise scheduling, analyse construction simulations and predict quotes with the help of Building Information Modelling technology. Our highly experienced BIM team have worked on many different projects over the last six years, allowing manufacturers, design teams and specialists to view buildings prior to construction.

We provide essential support to facilities management companies and end user clients, covering multi-disciplinary activities and building services within the built environment. We analyse how their management is impacting both on people and the workplace. We bring together our energy, engineering and sustainability consultants to offer a highly effective facilities management service that combines activities and resources that are essential to the success of any organisation. Strategic objectives at corporate level often rely on our facilities management services to achieve success, while we can also contribute to a safe and efficient working environment on a day-to-day level for businesses of all sizes.

HVAC systems are found in most UK workplaces and thanks to our experience working with hundreds of clients, we bring our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning expertise to your project.

BSE 3D London Office

About Us

BSE 3D specialise in offering practical and integrated design solutions for a new generation of buildings in London through a combination of high quality engineering design and energy sustainability. We are considerate and pro-active consultants who strive to offer the best possible solutions and recognise that the vast majority of our success is based on a strong relationship with our clients. Our priority is to deliver best performance, comfort, a lower life cycle cost and practicality through simplicity in operation and maintenance. We have specialist groups on board who are responsible for sustainable design and building physics so that we can assist clients in achieving practical and energy efficient buildings using a cost-effective approach alongside high quality engineering design. We will exceed client expectations through innovation and economic, sustainable solutions.We have an extensive history in the provision of our services to numerous sectors based in London, including the following:

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