What is it?

  • Leak Detection is to liquid and gas what an Intruder Alarm is to burglars and a Smoke Detector is to fire.
  • Usually installed in buildings (but not always) to warn of water leaks. (Systems are available to monitor other liquids and chemicals.)

A water/oil leak or flood causes:

  • Damage, disruption and loss to: Property/premises, Assets and products, services, prestige and reputation

Unnoticed leaks also cause flooding to:

  • Other tenants on other floors, neighbouring businesses, this can result in litigation and insurance claims, leading to increased premiums and loss of no claims bonus.

Where and why is leak detection installed:

  • Uninsurable risk
  • Critical process or operation
  • Loss of service, customers and revenue
  • Inconvenience and loss of reputation
  • Damage to assets, artefacts and premises
  • Landlord and tenant litigation claims
  • Safety or security may be compromised
  • Obtain BREEAM credit(s)
  • Legal requirement for refrigerant gas environmental and personal protection
  • Early warning to minimise problems (locally and to BMS)

The void of raised floors is the most common place where leak detection is installed as the area serves the vast array of cabling/pipes often found:

  • Plant rooms, Comms rooms, roof voids, basements/cellars, services risers, ducts and tunnels, kitchens, incoming water mains (mainly driven by BREEAM) are additional areas for installation of leak detection systems.

Additional areas to consider for leak detection installation:

  • Secondary containment, gutters, down-pipes and drains, toilet and tank overflows, lift shafts, offices and chiller plant rooms (gas/water), tank room (oil/water), generator enclosures (oil/water)

Each manufacturer would apply their own systems uniquely to them, this would be reflected in the design required to put in place and should be consulted prior to finalising.

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