Time 24 factory tour with BHPA

By Harriet Morphew

A fantastic turn out this morning at Time 24’s production centre in Burgess Hill, kindly organised with Burgess Hill Business Park Association and its chairman, Richard Cox.

A very informative presentation was given by Director and Co-founder of Time 24, David Shore, on the company’s journey over the last 37 years and how the business has adapted to continue to remain successful, particularly during the pandemic. Examples were given of companies that have failed to adapt over the years, these include Kodak, Nokia and Blockbuster who all failed to adapt to a forever changing world. He warned that the world of AI is seeing exponential acceleration in change, citing the example of Google’s computing power carrying out calculations in seconds that most other computers take many years to perform!

The particularly high retention rate Time 24 have for staff is testament to their best in class support and monitoring practices that the delegates witnessed first hand during the tour of the factory.

Thank you for a most enjoyable start to the day today!


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