Part L 2021: Photographic Evidence Required For All Construction Details

By Harriet Morphew

Part of the publication and implementation of the new Part L 2021 of the building regulations introduces the requirement to produce and record photographic evidence for the as built construction details. Accredited details signed off/self-declared by the developer are no longer accepted. Additionally, The evidence needs to be made available to both the energy assessor and the building control body. This should be done prior to sign off of the construction and are required as evidence to enable the lodgement of the EPC.

Although anyone can take the photos, we recommend that the main contractor take the photos throughout the construction. This way photos can be taken as details are completed, before they are closed up/decorated.

Key points

  • All photos should be digital
  • Sufficient quality and high resolution to ensure audit can be carried out
  • One photograph per detail should be recorded per dwelling
  • Additional, close up images are required to support long/wide shots that cannot be properly audited
  • Each photo file must contain geo-location, date and time data
  • Each image filename should include the plot/dwelling number and detail reference as per the below requirements e.g. for a joist in Plot 3 would be P3/3a.

Recorded details

The following items 1-5 outline the construction details that is photographic evidence is required by Part L 2021 Volume 1, per dwelling, before closing up.

Item 6 refers to the photographic evidence required by Part L V1 for building services, per dwelling, before closing up.

  1. Foundations/substructure and ground floor, to show thermal continuity and quality of insulation
    in the following places
    a. At ground floor perimeter edge insulation.
    b. At external door threshold.
    c. Below damp-proof course on external walls.
  2. External walls: for each main wall type, to show thermal continuity and quality of insulation for
    the following
    a. Ground floor to wall junction.
    b. Structural penetrating elements.
  3. Roof: for each main roof type, to show thermal continuity and quality of insulation at the following:
    a. Joist/rafter level.
    b. Eaves and gable edges.
  4. Openings: for each opening type (one image per wall or roof type is sufficient), to show thermal
    continuity and quality of insulation with photographs of the following
    a. Window positioning in relation to cavity closer or insulation line.
    b. External doorset positioning in relation to cavity closer or insulation line
  5. Airtightness: additional photographs for all details 1–4 to show airtightness details (only if not
    included or visible in continuity of insulation image).
  6. Building services: for all plant associated with space heating, hot water, ventilation and low or
    zero carbon technology equipment within or on the building, show the following.

    a. Plant/equipment identification label(s), including make/model and serial number.
    b. Primary pipework continuity of insulation.
    c. Mechanical ventilation ductwork continuity of insulation (for duct sections outside the
    thermal envelope).

For more details on photographic evidence, refer to Appendix B of Building Regulations approved Document Part L 2021 Volume 1.

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