New Service: Thermographic Surveys

By Harriet Morphew

BSE 3D now offer thermographic survey services. The knowledge and experience of our engineers has been combined to create the new service on offer to our clients.

Thermographic surveys are non-disruptive to buildings already in use. They use thermal imaging cameras to detect fluctuations in surface temperatures of building services and fabrics.

These services can be used to detect defects in building services installations. Thermography in buildings can also be used to locate and trace hot, cold and underfloor heating pipework. Defects in electrical installations can also be identified using this service.

Our most recent survey was carried out in an electronics production facility in West Sussex. The property contains a warehouse, production facility and associated office accommodation. BSE 3D were employed to carry out a thermographic survey of the low voltage distribution network within the property. The purpose of the survey was to identify any areas of the installation that required further investigation.

The survey found that a number of circuits were running warm, or at their rated limits. The following image taken during the survey shows some circuits running at 66.8 degrees.

After investigation, it was found that these three circuits were all running at 60A. The circuits were all served by 63A TPN MCBs. They were all running close to their rated capacity, this meant the cables serving the circuits were overheating.

The loads connected to the circuits were assessed, redistributed and connected to other circuits, thereby reducing the continuous overheating of the cables. This process was repeated across the property. The report produced by BSE 3D identified all risks and defects surveyed, alongside suitable rectification works.

Had corrective action not been taken, these cables would have continued to overheat. The excess heat generated could have cause arcing, and in turn an electrical fire. The early identification of a potential risk allowed our client to carry out corrective action to mitigate the risk.

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