Mid Sussex Science Week 2023 – STEM in Burgess Hill

By bse3d

STEM Ambassadors have been hard at work inspiring the next generation of Scientists and Engineers. Friday 23rd June saw the culmination of Mid Sussex Science Week for local schools in Burgess Hill.

BSE3D have been instrumental with the organisation of this event and liaising with other Ambassadors to get involved.

Our thanks goes out to BHBPA who organised the Kings Centre in Burgess Hill.

The Schools

Five schools attended, together with the local children from Schools with Special Educational Needs (SEND School). The schools were matched with a local company who provided a STEM Ambassador. During the week the STEM ambassador worked with the teachers and children to investigate and create a project.

The projects had to be developed on a theme linked to the local company and based upon science, technology, engineering and maths. On the Friday, the childrens learning outcomes and project were judged.

Birchwood Grove and Ridgeview Wine Estate produced a testing station for PH in mixed fruit juices and made charts showing individuals choices.
Bolney Village School and Edwards Vacuum built working vacuum cleaners from used bottles. What is a vacuum, how they a put together and the types of products the can vacuum.
London Meed School and Cybility Consulting made games about cyber security and shared these using digital platforms and paper.
Sheddingdean School and HPC Compressors made pneumatic model cars with balloons.
Southway School and Leap Environmental showed how wind power can produce electricity.

Over the morning, the schools were judged by individuals who had generously given their time from a broad spectrum of professions.

The Judging

The judging criteria covered presentation, teamwork, research, understanding and project development. The judges included dignitaries from the local area, past teachers, business owners and STEM ambassadors from other regions.

Children had the opportunity to join our activity carousel. Several local companies had brought along products for the children to see and interact with.

The Companies

Ardingly College exhibited the only solar car licensed to drive on roads in the UK. The first school in Europe to design, build and race across Australia in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge…twice!

Broadcast Bionics had a radio station setup and a fault-finding challenge for the children to solve.

Edwards Vacuum showed the effect that a vacuum has on various items including marshmallow – which they enjoyed eating too!

BSE|FM and had a giant tetrahedron structure that the children helped to build over the course of the morning – one child said “I’d love to do this all day”.

Leap Environmental showed rocks and fossils from the local area. The children just love to get their hands dirty!

The Millennium Seed Bank education department from Wakehurst showed some amazing seeds and how they process them.

The British Tarantula Society brought along some live specimens as well as body parts…always ready to send shivers down the spine!

Many children said they had the best week and would definitely look to a career in the STEM field.

The Winners

Mims Davies MP for Mid Sussex and Minister for Social Mobility, Youth and Progression joined us for the awards ceremony and to present the trophy and shield to our winning schools who were:

Congratulations to Sheddingdean Primary School and HPC Compressors who took 1st Place.

Sarah Watson, Assistant Head teacher at Sheddingdean Community Primary School: “Thank you for arranging the MSSW – the children had a blast. I am incredibly proud of them winning , this will be an incredible boost to their confidence.”

Our runners up shield went to Bolney Primary School and Edwards Vacuum

After the awards presentation the children were treated to some fun games and a science show from Richard Robinson who talked about the world of science and nature and how we have evolved together over time!

We are really proud to be able to spend this valuable time with the children, if just one decides to make the move into a STEM role in the future, then we’ll know we’ve done what we set out to achieve.

Now it’s on to Haywards Heath where more schools will be attending to show their projects and spend time with the exhibitors…Roll on Friday 7th July where more BSE3D STEM Ambassadors will be inspiring the next generation.


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