A glimpse into our Work Experience Program

By Karen Womack

During the past few months, BSE 3D had the pleasure of hosting four talented local students as part of our work experience initiative. We offered them valuable insights into various aspects of our company, ranging from engineering to business and administration, under the guidance of our dedicated team.

Two of our work experience participants, James and Vaughan, delved into the engineering realm. They took on tasks involving heat loss calculations, modelling, pressure losses, and electrical lighting calculations, utilising electronic software. Additionally, they learned about sizing ductwork. James, who initially aimed for a path in electrical engineering, discovered a newfound interest in pursuing a Mechanical Engineering route following his time with us. Our team happily shared their diverse qualification journeys, providing the students with valuable career advice and options.

For those exploring the business side of BSE 3D, James took the opportunity to review existing project schematics and drawings, gaining insights into the cost estimation process for tender preparation. He also familiarised himself with the mechanical and electrical processes involved, enhancing his understanding of our information collation methods.

Jemima, our work experience student in the administrative domain, had a dynamic experience. They undertook tasks such as organising files, checking reports, and updating corporate documentation using cut and paste functions and inserting new logos. This exposure allowed them to witness the behind-the-scenes operations of our business, covering literary admin, website management, and marketing. Jemima expressed her enthusiasm for the variety in daily tasks, always learning something new during their time with BSE 3D.

At BSE 3D, we gladly welcome students from local colleges to participate in our work experience program. If you wish to be considered for next year’s opportunities, feel free to reach out to us directly at mail@bse3d.com or connect with your college’s careers department.

We believe in providing a nurturing environment for aspiring talents, offering them a glimpse into the professional world and helping them make informed career decisions. It’s a rewarding experience for both the students and our team as we contribute to shaping the next generation of skilled professionals.


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